From the plain direct in your Motorhome

Dropdown & Pickupservice


Van-tastic and More than Complete !

We have a pick up and dropdown service at Schiphol airport, total v.v. € 75, - .
Location: at the van der Valk Hotel Schiphol.
There is a free shuttlebus to the Hotel from the airport.
Pick up the camper at van der Valk around 4 p.m.
Drop down same place before 11.00 A.M.
If this time is not conforming your arrival,
Stay one night at the hotel, see on internet.
We will deliver the camper the next day around 10 - 11 a.m. Pickup service till 11.00 a.m.
Other hotels are also possible.

You have to book the camper the same day as the hotel,
because normally you get the camper around 4 p.m.
If it is necessary do the same for the last day.
For camping places in Europe look on the internet.

Deposit and own risk € 1250,-
Camper has a All-risk Insurance and roadside assistance in Europe
Normal driver license. some of you need an international license.
Pick up the camper by yourself at the office, is not possible.
Bring and collect service v.v. € 50 v.v. to any place in the Netherlands Plus 2 x € 0,23 from Utrecht to Destination.
Free Delivery Services and km free from 3 weeks.
You pay only the costs of the km’s from Utrecht to Destination. x 2.
All inventory and accessories included.
One day 300 km free. 3 Weeks, km free.
Plenty of storage.
It’s not always good weather, so why not a more spacious motorhome.

A: 7 Person duvet, synthetic 1 duvet cover 1 matrass cover, 1 pillow with cover. € 95,00
B. : 7 Persons Towels,1 big 1 small, washcloth, kitchen towel, €65,00.
C: Portable Generator 2000W € 10,- one day. If you stay at camping places not necessary.
D:We can supply boaster seats each for € 15 a peace.
E: It's also possible that I get you some groceries, € 30, - for the service.
Costs of the groceries. not included, (big supermarket at Hoofddorp, 8 km.

The camper:
7 Belts on license.
Air-conditioner. in the motorhome area and in the camper area.
TV. Automatic dish with Astra 1 channels.
220 v power, even if you are not at an outlet (inverter 1700 w).
Service battery and solar panel.
Gears 6, (Automatic also)
Sleeping places 7: 2 seater fixed-bed alcove, bunk behind 2 beds,
2 after conversion dinette, and 1 small sofa bed after conversion.
2 Airbags / ABS / Cruise control / Navigation / Reversing camera
Engine Air conditioning and separate camper Air conditioning.
Efficient Euro 5 engine, 150 hp.
Radio with Bluetooth hands-free and USB connection
Clean and dirty water tanks 100 L
Control panel, tanks / flow etc.
Board computer (fuel consumption, outside temperature, etc.)
Easy electrical entry step + integrated mosquitodoor.
Power cable with adapter's / Water hose (for filling watertank)
1 x Lightweight LPG gas cylinder, to refill at all LPG gas stations for cars.
Separate shower and toilet
Electric windows / mirrors /3 Pits stove / Several lights
Large panorama to open windows
7 x 1 x camping chairs and camping table, for outside
Circle-heating + boiler / Refrigerator 220v-12v- Gas
Large garage for storage / 3 bicycle cycling holder on the back
Fire extinguisher + blanket / Safety Vests
First-aid kit / Safety Triangle / Extensive tool set
Spare bulbs / fuses / Smoke alarm system / Storm Tires + pegs .
Bring your own belongings, the rest is present ore an option, (see options).

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